MBE awarded to au pair champion Sandra Landau in 2017 Honours

Having known Sandra for many years and worked with her during the time BAPAA was founded and in recent years as a fellow member of the BAPAA Exec committee, I know this is a well deserved award – congratulations Sandra! BAPAA Press Release 30th December 2016   MBE awarded to au pair cham

Au Pair Myths

Au Pair Myths Everyone has heard of urban myths, and there are many of them, but there are also a lot of myths about au pairs. Most people have heard of them, but there is a lot of uncertainty around who they are, and what they can and can’t do, so a lot of people […]


We’re already half way through August, the summer holidays are well underway, and already people are starting to think about uniform, new shoes, and the return to school next month. We just can’t believe how quickly time flies, and hopefully your children have had a fantastic summer holiday! But