Au Pair invitation letterAfter a Family and Au Pair have agreed to an engagement in principle, the Family must write down the key points they have discussed with the Au Pair in a signed “Letter of Invitation” to the Au Pair.

Below is a guide to the contents of the “Letter of Invitation” which we will discuss with you and provide you with more information at the time. The contents must also be consistent with the “Au Pair Guidelines”.

Hours of help required

The Family should specify the hours they require help per week from the Au Pair.

Type of Help Required

The Family should specify the types of tasks they expect the Au Pair to help with.

Pocket Money

The Family should specify the “Pocket Money” or weekly allowance that the Au Pair will receive.

Free Accommodation & Board

The Family must specify the details of the accommodation they will provide within their family home to the Au Pair free of charge. The Au Pair should be provided with their own private room, with a window and should not be required to share with children.

The Family should also specify that free board will be provided, including meals on days when the Au Pair is not working.

Start Date, Duration of Engagement & Notice Period

The Family should state the required start date and how long the engagement is for. The Family must also specify a paid notice period should either party want to terminate the engagement  early. The Au Pair can terminate the engagement without notice on an unpaid basis.

Time Off and Paid Holiday

The Family must specify that the Au Pair will have 2 days off per week, when they will not be required to help and how these days will be chosen. An Au Pair could want these days to align with language classes, if they plan to take them.

The Family must also specify the Au Pair’s entitlement to paid Holidays, and state how it will be agreed when they can be taken or if there are any times that they cannot take them.