Each engagement between a host family and an Au Pair is unique and requires consideration of how to align the expectations of the host family and those of the Au Pair. In our experience, Au Pair engagements are normally successful when the expectations are aligned.

By using the services of an Agency like Bunters, as opposed to an internet matching website, you will guided through this process and you will receive more background information on the candidate Au Pairs

Once a family has selected an Au Pair and the Au Pair has agreed to the placement, then the expectations should be clarified in the Letter of Invitation from the family to the Au Pair.

For a family, the following should be considered:

  • The type of help required
  • Any specific requirements, e.g. a driver required
  • The current English skills of the Au Pair
  • The number of hours help required and the schedule
  • Any house rules
  • Any privacy requirements

For an Au Pair, the following are typical:

  • The type of help they are prepared to provide
  • If they want to attend language classes
  • The number of hours they are prepared to help and pocket money given
  • The number and ages of the family’s children
  • The type of location e.g.city, town, rural.
  • The living facilities provided by the family for them