How we workBunters will guide you through the process of engaging an Au Pair. At any time during this process, you can ask questions, share your concerns or bounce your thoughts off us.

The following are the main steps in the placement process:

Step 1 – You register your interest on or contact Bunters by telephone or e-mail.

Step 2 – We discuss your requirements with you and confirm whether engaging an Au Pair is an appropriate option for your needs.

Step 3 – You complete the Registration Form and provide other required information.

Step 4 – We commence the searching and matching process by forwarding files of suitable au pair candidates via email for you to consider (the files will iinclude personal details, references, photographs, and certificates).

Step 5 – After reviewing the files, you contact Bunters to advise us whether you want to speak to an Au Pair on the phone or by Skype.

Step 6 – We arrange your phone/Skype call through our Partner Agency overseas.

Step 7 – You speak to the Au Pair and then provide us with your feedback i.e. if You want to offer the Au Pair a placement.

Step 8 – We provide your feedback to our Partner Agency, who in turn checks the views of the Au Pair.

Step 9 – If both you and the Au Pair agree to proceed, we will confirm the engagement and invoice you for Bunters Placement Fee.

Step 10 – You provide Bunters with a signed “Letter of Invitation” addressed to the Au Pair and our Placement Fee.

Step 11 – We send your letter to our Partner Agency, who then will assist the Au Pair to book their travel arrangements.

Step 12 – We discuss the travel arrangements with you to check that they are suitable and to ensure that you will meet the Au Pair at their point of entry into the UK or that you will arrange their travel from their point of entry to a place that you can meet them.

Step 13 – We confirm the travel arrangements with our Partner Agency and the Au Pair completes their bookings.

Step 14 – You meet the Au Pair as agreed and the placement starts.

Step 15 – We remain available for questions and support throughout the placement.